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About Blessings Christian Church

The Goal of Blessings Christian Church is to be a faithful church of Jesus Christ that is especially committed to reaching out to those who do not know him as their Lord and Saviour.

The Vision of Blessings Christian Church is to be a faithful church within the Canadian Reformed churches, adhering to the Word of God, the Three Forms of Unity and the Church Order, as a missional body which attempts under God’s guidance and strength to disciple the covenant community, evangelize the non-believer, take a genuine interest in the civic community, and enlist every member in growth through service.

The Objectives required for implementing this Vision include but are not limited to the following. Blessings Christian Church will be:

  • Missional. From the outset of its existence and throughout, the council of Blessings Christian Church will evaluate all aspects of how the church functions through the lens of how each policy, practice, guideline and decision helps or hinders the body in its goal to be missional. Within the parameters of Scripture, Confessions, and the Church Order, the church will not hesitate to change policies, practices, guidelines, or decisions when such an evaluation identifies these changes to be beneficial in supporting this goal.
  • Liturgical. We will worship God corporately according to an order of worship. As a Reformed congregation, we follow the basic sequence of a Reformed liturgy, but will engage the liberty afforded by the church order to incorporate some flexibility.
  • Pastoral. The minister and elders of the Blessings congregation are committed to ministering to all members, young and old, in their joys and sorrows, recognizing that no church member should ever be overlooked by the overseers or deprived of pastoral counsel.

    At the same time, the office bearers expect the members of the church to minister to each other and to be particularly mindful and outgoing to those who are yet unconverted, inquiring, or weak with respect to the faith; to that end, the office bearers continuously seek to train the members to exercise such an approach.
  • Relational. Relationships within the congregation are fostered among all members of the church as well as with those who are interested in becoming members. This is achieved in part through small groups, participation in which is required of each church member.
  • Community-minded. Just as the Father sent his Son to inhabit our world for our betterment, so the Lord Jesus expects us to inhabit the communities in which we live for their betterment. This is be achieved through contributing to the Hamilton community in ways deemed suitable for this purpose.
  • Federational. We seek to be an active church within the federation, involved in the policies of the federation, and supportive of federational causes.
  • Stewardly. Acknowledging that the Lord Jesus Christ is Lord not just of a portion of our property and finances but all of it, from a financial point of view there is an expectation of all members to contribute willingly and generously of their financial gifts to the best of their abilities.
  • Expectations of Members. With a view to the unique goals of Blessings Christian Church, all people requesting membership in Blessings will be interviewed beforehand to indicate their:
    • Commitment to being a living and active member of a missional church;
    • Heart for evangelism and commitment to being missional;
    • Willingness to be trained in matters pertaining to evangelism and reaching out (see c. above);
    • Willingness to join a small group (see d. above);
    • Willingness to contribute generously to the cause of this church (see g. above);
    • Willingness to use their other gifts for the benefit of the missional church.

Blessings Christian Church is committed to the Biblical offices of elders and deacons in the church. The church belongs to Christ and the people called to these offices are to serve our congregation by teaching, encouraging and praying for the members of Christ's flock.

Pastor Bill DeJong

Pastor Hilmer Jagersma

Cornelius Broersma
Jeff Buist
Everett DeJong
Allard Gunnink
Jeff Vanderveen
Matt vanPopta
Tim Wildeboer

Murray Foekens
Jamie Harsevoort
Greg Kamstra
James Koopman
Henry Meerveld
Hank Vanderbrugghen
Reuben Vanderwoude

Our congregation is also supported by many teams within the church. The members of these teams are called to use their God given gifts in service to our congregation.

Administration Team
Audio-Visual Team
Care Team
Childcare Team
Facility Needs Team
Liturgy Team
Location Search Team
Music Team
Outreach Team

Prayer Team
Promotion Team
Small Groups Team
Social/Fellowship Team
Training Team
Treasury Team
Welcome Team
Youth Ministries Team

  You can direct any inquiries to our teams through our administrators at