Blessings Christian Church in Hamilton Ontario Blessings Christian Church

Our Structure

Blessings Christian Church is committed to the Biblical offices of elders and deacons in the church. The church belongs to Christ and the people called to these offices are to serve our congregation by teaching, encouraging and praying for the members of Christ's flock.


Pastor Bill DeJong:

Pastor Hilmer Jagersma:

Pastor Ian Wildeboer:

Brad Alkema
Dan Bosscher
Cornelius Broersma
Gerben DeGelder
John Harsevoort
Dan Hartman
Mel Hordyk
Greg Kamstra
Nathan Korten
Mike Sieders
Anson VanDelden
Peter Wildeboer

Jackson Boers
Dan Debruin
Kris Kamphuis
Abraham Roza
Reuben Vanderwoude
Adam VanHof
Greg VanMiddelkoop
Justin Versteeg
Mike Visser

Our congregation is also supported by many teams within the church. The members of these teams are called to use their God given gifts in service to our congregation.

Administration Team
Audio-Visual Team
Care Team
Childcare Team
Facility Needs Team
Emergency Response Team
Growth & Vision Committee
Liturgy Team
Location Search Team
Music Team

Outreach Team
Prayer Team
Promotion Team
Small Groups Team
Social/Fellowship Team
Training Team
Treasury Team
Welcome Team
Youth Ministries Team

  You can direct any inquiries to our teams through our administrator at