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Looking for a church in Hamilton?

Does going to church interest, intrigue, or intimidate you?
We would love share with you our hope in Jesus.

The world is in shambles, seemingly fractured beyond repair. Evil has a powerful and global presence, twisting and perverting things God created good. Far from being absolved, humanity is implicated for its willing participation.

Though it has countless attractive features, the city of Hamilton has an ugly side. Apparent in criminal behaviour, broken relationships, domestic violence, child mistreatment, substance abuse, etc., evil reminds us that our city is neither what it was nor what it will be. The problem is as widespread as it is deep. No one single person has a perfectly clean heart, much less an unimpeachable life. Is that too difficult for us to admit?

Fairy tales are stories with happy endings where conflict is repaired, relationships are restored, and beauty transforms ugliness. Any story of the world that offers hope must be fictitious... unless it’s the true story of the world and unless the hope it offers is grounded and guaranteed in irreversible history.

Jesus Christ changes everything. The son of a carpenter and a first century Palestinian Jew, Jesus was also the Son of God sent by his Father in heaven to reclaim the lost world and repair its brokeness. The claims he made about being the Son of God who must be followed and believed have all the marks of lunacy, if not evil... unless he is exactly who he said he is.

We affirm the importance of Jesus’ death on the cross and we embrace the forgiveness that flows from it. We ground our faith, however, on his bodily resurrection Easter Sunday morning, the fact of which was established by multiple independent eye-witness testimonies. The resurrection of Jesus means that the world will never be the same. The power which defeated evil and death itself has entered world history and secured for us a new earth free of all these evil distortions.

Jesus gave his life for ours, and makes his resources available to us. We enjoy them especially as we worship, hear the gospel message preached, and receive the sacraments (Christian rituals).

Would you consider joining us for worship at Blessings Christian Church? Coming to church for the first time can be daunting, the very thought of it enough to elevate the heart rate and induce perspiration.

Can we assure you of something in advance? Hardly anything excites us more than seeing guests come through our doors. We work hard to create an atmosphere at church that’s inviting and not intimidating because we want you to feel at ease.

Please do come! Jesus will meet you here.

Pastor Bill Dejong serves as a preacher in Blessings Christian Church.

He would love to hear from you. You can send him an email at

If you are in Hamilton and need someone to pray with you or for you, we invite you to contact our prayer team.