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Job Club Information

Helping you find employment!

What is a Job Club?

We plan to cover the following topics over the 8 week course:

  • Introduction & finding motivation
  • Identifying and overcoming obstacles to employment
  • Discovering your strengths / key skills
  • Getting to know employers
  • Writing resumes and applications
  • Succeeding in interviews
  • Getting ready for work

There will be one-to-one support from job coaches, and volunteers from Hamilton businesses will help participants build their resume and go through mock interviews.

At the end participants should be a lot more comfortable with the interview processes, have a better understanding of how to match their skills to various industries, and have some companies identified as prospective employers.

Too often, jobseekers feel treated like a statistic. The local church is uniquely placed to restore hope and self-worth, while providing the practical support that will help people step confidently back into work.

If you are unemployed, you are one of over 24,000 people in Hamilton dealing with unemployment! Let us help you take steps toward employment.