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But God Intended It For Good

This Sunday marks the beginning of another New Year - the start of 2017.

As we look ahead, we have to admit that we really have no idea what this year will bring. There may be joy or sorrow, triumph or tragedy, new relationships or broken relationships, riches or poverty. And that's a bit scary! It's a little troubling to know that despite all of our planning, all of our efforts, all of our preparation, the reality is that this year might not unfold the way we would like it to.

Thankfully, as followers of Jesus Christ, we are offered the promise that " all things God works for the good of those who love him" (Rom. 8:28). Now that's not to say that this is always easy to accept. It's not, not even for Christians. But we learn in God's Word that his plans are bigger than ours. We discover that what is "good" for us is not necessarily health, wealth and prosperity. We discover that what is truly good for us, what ultimately matters, is a deep relationship with God and a trust in His plan.

Over the next six weeks we will see this truth illustrated as we examine the life of Joseph - a man who faced incredible injustice and adversity. A man who saw very little "good". A man who was rejected by his own family, a man who was tempted, betrayed, deceived and forgotten, and yet, a man who had the faith to believe that God would use it for good.

Sunday January 1
A story of jealousy
Genesis 37:12-36
Sunday January 8
A story of temptation
Genesis 39:1-23
Sunday January 15
A story of redemption
Genesis 41
Sunday January 22
A story of testing
Genesis 42:1-38
Sunday January 29
A story of repentance
Genesis 44:1-34
Sunday February 5
A story of forgiveness
Genesis 45:1-28