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Fighting the Winter Blues: Prayers for Dark Days

The dark winter months are challenging for us, especially for those of us with seasonal depression.

We want the sun to shine so we can absorb its energy and feel better about life. The winter months are a sober reminder that life often has seasons of darkness, of depression, anxiety, and frustration.

God is not immune to these realities and in several poignant Psalms he gives us a voice with which to lament and words to speak in those dark moments. The Holy Spirit does not stand far from us in our darkness, but with us and in us, to help and to guide us.

Please join us for this series on Prayers for Dark Days as we harvest insights from the Psalms not only for understanding the darkness, but for locating glimmers of Christ's light and love for us.

Due to technical problems with the recording, the Prayer for the Powerless sermon is not available. We will be posting a video with a summary of the sermon soon.

Sunday February 12
Prayer for the Powerless
Psalms 4:1-8
Sunday February 19
Prayer for the Embattled
Psalms 5:1-12
Sunday February 26
Prayer for the Depressed
Psalms 13:1-6
Sunday March 5
Prayer for the Trapped
Psalms 55:1-23
Sunday March 12
Prayer for the Perplexed
Psalms 131:1-3

Pastor Bill DeJong serves as a preacher in Blessings Christian Church.

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