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New to Jesus?

Jesus promises love and grace to people who do not deserve it.

All who believe in him will be reconciled to God, freed from their sins and given eternal life.

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Looking for a Church?

Every Sunday we worship God by hearing the gospel and singing praises.

We invite everyone, including skeptics and new Christians, to join us at 10:30 am or 6:30 pm.

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Upcoming Message

Sunday, June 26 at 10:30 AM
Pastor Bill DeJong
Come early and join us for coffee!

Sunday, June 26 at 6:30 PM
Pastor Bill DeJong

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A vibrant church of Jesus Christ

Committed to reaching out to those in Hamilton who
do not know him as their Lord & Saviour

You Asked...

An introduction to Blessings Christian Church

John 20:19-23
The Missional Church in light of the Bosma trial

Sermon on Matthew 25:1-13
Be Ready, the bridegroom is coming!

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From the Blessings Photo Feed...

Sharing stories made for a great evening of fellowship #blessingscc #latergram
- @everettdejong

Tostitos and ugly dresses #blessingscc #thanksdan
- @_briesydney_

To the group of #BlessingsCC people coming to my house for cold appetizers, I want to apologize thay our house is not air conditioned. I also want to apologize for the fact that I won't be doing my hair (due to the lack of air conditioning and how pointless my cold shower will be if I stand under a hot hair dryer for 20 minutes). And also that we lack lawn furniture or a mower that wants to cooperate making sitting outside impossible. HOWEVER! I made this. And I promise all the veggies are organic and heirloom and grown by fairies and Hobbits. So. You're welcome.
- @tnien

SG1 men catching up on the deck this glorious evening. #blessingscc
- @rickvaniperen

Spent the morning with the Jr. Youth group working hard at Victory Garden. We helped plant veggies for the local community and food bank. #blessingscc
- @roseh78

Working hard with the Jr. Youth at the Victory Gardens. The kids worked super hard! #victorygardens #blessingscc #dirtyhands #happykids
- @meerkatjules